Friday, September 10, 2010

Things I Meant To Tell You Before You Left

Proverbs 1:8 “My son, hear the instruction of your father, and do not forsake the law of your mother.”

This is on open letter to our son Luke. We moved him to Spring Arbor University to begin his freshman year on Monday. If you’ve gone through this then you can totally relate to the emotions a parent goes through at a time like this. If you haven’t, then let me warn you, it’s horrible. There I was crying like a baby, knowing all the while that Luke was smack dab in the center of God’s will for his life, but still not wanting to let him go. As we drove away, I thought of a million things I meant to tell him about life. So, I thought maybe I could share a few of them with you:

(1) Do you remember all those bedtime stories I made up about “super boy”, the kid in the neighborhood who always rescued the other kids when they were in trouble, and then always ended the story by asking, “do you know who super boy really is?” and you would smile, point to yourself and answer “Luke”? I meant to tell you that I did that because I wanted you to grow up with the confidence that you had what it takes to help people who are in need. I can see that now in you as you reach out to your friends who need a word of encouragement or just a little help in life, you're there for them.

(2) Do you remember the time we laid down in the driveway to face the wind and the thunderstorm that scared the snot out of you? I meant to tell you that I did that because I wanted you to learn to face your fears. Because no matter how old we get, things come up in life that scare us and we need to learn to face them just like we did with that storm. Now I can see that you’re a guy that doesn’t scare easy and that you have a strength and confidence that comes through everything you do.

(3) Do you remember when you joined the Rocket Football Team and thought that first side-ache was terminal and wanted to quit? I meant to tell you that the reason I wouldn’t let you quit is that if you were ever going to be a winner in life then you would have to learn to push through, and press on, when things get tough. That every successful person I know has had to learn how to do the “hard things." I can see that in you as you’ve faced the challenges of learning to shoot and edit videos, create your own website, and become a worship leader. Aren’t you glad you didn’t quit that dumb football team?

(4) Do you remember all those mornings after our time at “big daddy’s bistro” that I drove you to middle school and you slept the whole way? I meant to tell you that I didn’t mind getting up early to make you breakfast and then drive you to school because I loved to spend time with you. I wanted you to know that your Heavenly Father is the same way. He just loves spending time with you too. I can see that today as you make your personal devotion time with God a real priority in your life. I love seeing how genuine your relationship with Jesus is and how much He has helped shape your life.

(5) Finally, do you remember the million times we butted heads on issues? How I seemed to hold you to a higher standard then your sisters, or even your friends? I meant to tell you that I wasn’t trying to be hard on you, but was just trying to help you become the man God created you to be. So, when those seemingly little things became big things it’s only because every decision we make in life has consequences, and consequences matter. But I’ve watched you over the last few years make some really great choices and decisions in your life.

Well that’s all there’s room for. Just know this Luke, even though the season has changed and you’ve gone off to college I’ll always be your dad, and you’ll always be my super boy. I love you son!

Thanks everybody for letting me share this with you.

With love-


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