Thursday, July 22, 2010


In the third chapter of Ephesians it talks about really grasping how much God loves us. There's a phrase in the Amplified that I just love, it goes something like this. "...that we would come to know practically, through experience the love of God."

Our oldest daughter Meghan graduated from college this May and is heading off to Bible School here in a couple of weeks. It’s been a time of reflection for me as I’ve tried to put my mind around the last 22 years since Meghan was born into our family. My goal as a dad was a pretty simple, yet at the same time incredibly important. You see my goal has always been to love Meghan like God loves Meghan so that as she grew up she would know, practically through experience, the love that her Father God has for her, and even more, that He approved of her, and was proud of her.

Words can’t accurately express how proud I am of our little girl. She is just so special to Beth and I and we are so grateful for the role she has played in setting a great example to her sister and brothers. She’s smart, she’s gorgeous, she’s got a tender heart for people, and a genuine desire to make her life mean something for God, and I don’t doubt that she will.

Don’t ever underestimate the importance of feeling loved and being accepted will do for someone. It’s what allows them the freedom to explore who they are without feeling like there is a critical eye on them. There’s a strength that comes to all of us when we know, practically through experience, that the people who are the most important to us are on our side through thick and thin. They are there to cheer us on win or lose. You see that’s what God does for us. He made you and I to succeed in life, and He’s always there cheering us on to our next accomplishment.

I can hardly think about the 22 years with our Meghan without tears forming in my eyes. She’ll tell you that’s pretty common with her dad. I just hope that my little “tenderheart”…that’s what I called her, knows that her dad is extremely proud of her and very thankful that God brought her into our lives. We are so looking forward to seeing what God has in store for her and we will always be her biggest cheerleaders. We love you Meghan with all of our hearts!

Do you have someone cheering you on? I hope so. But if you can’t name anyone, don’t forget that there is always someone cheering you on. He’s the One who thought so much of you that He freely gave up His life for yours on the cross. He’s proud of you. He accepts you, and He is cheering you on to greater things today. His Name is Jesus Christ!


  1. How beautiful! The love between a daddy and his daughter is priceless. God bless you both.